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Mackenzie State Special School is a P-12 school  located on the South side of Brisbane within the Metropolitan Region of Education Queensland. All students enroled have an Intellectual Disability. The school facility is in a new growth corridor and is situated within a campus, which houses both the Special School and a State Primary School. Both schools operate separately and have their own Principal. The school is close to the Gateway Arterial and Mt Gravatt Capalaba road.

At Mackenzie State Special School we believe that rather than emphasize the impairment of each student, we should celebrate and further develop their ability. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum program that offers each individual student the opportunity to develop a realistic and relevant knowledge and skills base to ensure their fullest participation in society.

Each student has an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) previously called an Individual Education Plan. The ICP and the class program enable students to study the Australian Curriculum on the same basis as age peers while assuring students work at achieving realistic curriculum assessment points. An Individual Support Plan ensures specific life skills are also considered in the suite of learning experiences.  

The school has students involved in Micro Industry programs: tuckshop, coffee shop, industrial laundry and thrift shop to name but a few programs. These form part of an array of almost 30 post school preparation programs enjoyed by students in the Senior sector.  These are designed to foster an array of work and post school readiness skills. The school also has an Independent Living Centre (ILC) which is used to facilitate the learning of skills related to daily living, and all students have opportunity to be involved in this program.

To ensure students settle into our school setting and also are well prepared for transition at the end of their schooling, the school has employed a School Transition Officer. This role assists families and the school to ensure transition is seamless thus further maximising learning.  

Our students from prep to year 10 study the full mandated suite of the Australian Curriculum while during the senior years of schooling the students work to prepare more actively for post schooling by undertaking studies in the Guide for Individual Learning which leads to a Certificate of Individual Achievement.  

Students up to year 10  undertake learning that addresses partial achievement standards of P-2 intent or extended General Capabilities within the Australian Curriculum. We differentiate the learning experiences to build on student existing knowledge and skills so that they can be then applied more readily by the learner as they participate maximally in their community. We adopt a didactic explicit form of teaching pedagogy so as to focus on knowledge and skills that underpin further learning. This explicit form of instruction enables the learner to apply their developing knowledge and skills and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

At our school you will also find students working in our coffee shop, thrift shop, tuckshop, external work experience programs or participating in our independent living centre programs. Specialist lessons are offered progressively over time and include manual arts, music, art,  technology, drama and dance, physical education, perceptual motor, communication and social skill programs which all provide relevant and meaningful contexts for learning.

Families often drive a long distance to attend our school due to the reputation for excellence we have developed over time.

Last reviewed 21 August 2020
Last updated 21 August 2020